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The #1 World's most powerful easy-to-use CMS 
Not a puzzle no technical knowledge required
Not a puzzle no technical knowledge required

Lacepoint's CMS is an easy walk-through process of seamlessly editing pages. it is has never been so easy to edit a website.  With Lacepoint content management system most of the work has already been done for you. Just plug in information about your organization, and you are ready to go!

Online Site Editor
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Updates
No need for third-party plugins
Professionally enigeered
Pre-Programmed Features
Time saving editing and total cost reduction 
A feature-packed CMS that gives you editing control
Built-in Search Engine Submission


A fully packed CMS that easier than any open source today. Just like using MS word you can add and format a page, document, photo or video with easy. Giving you full control of your website sections/pages, banner photos, page layouts.

Site Traffic Statistics
Site Traffic Statistics

Track visitors to your site with Lacepoint's detailed site traffic statistics. Lacepoint Content manager automatically maintains a count of page views on your site.

Search engine optimization (SEO) 

To get visitors to your site you will want your site submitted to the top Internet search engines.  Each site built with our CMS includes Internet search engine submission. Lacepoint provides you with helpful information about setting up your site to get better rankings in the search engines, including how to add meta-tag keywords to your web site.